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Before Your Warranty Expires

We make sure we are do our best during our inspections, not rushing while being methodical inspecting from top down outside-in.  These inspections typically take 2-3 hrs. Our focus is on function and safety hazards.

Included in these inspections are:

  • Exterior landscape (drainage and grading) and structure

  • Foundation movement and water penetration

  • Roof, vents, chimney, flashings and trim, gutters and downspouts

  • Skylights, eaves, soffit and fascia

  • Foundation, crawlspace and basement

  • Heating and cooling systems

  • Interior plumbing and electrical hazards

  • Fireplace components and safety

  • Garage doors, safety sensors and openers

  • Attics for pest infestations, insulation installation as well as roof installation issues. 

Price Options:

Manufactured Homes and Villas,

Single Family Homes​

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These are full inspections with an additional service of marking up cosmetic defects and including a checklist that goes directly to the warranty office with a copy to you. This allows for the warranty office to contact experts to fix defects found at their discretion and work with the home owner to schedule contractors to correct findings before the warranty ends.  These are typically done around the 11th month of the warranty to allow time to fix any finding. timing for this inspection is also 2-3hrs typically.

Why hire us? 

  • Peace of mind.  We have had extensive training to find defects that you may overlook.  This had proven to save hundreds of dollars if not thousands in some cases. 

  • Being a multi-home owner that has bought and sold new homes in the villages I realize the value in this.  

Price Options:

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  • During these inspections we assess the preparedness of your property for resisting the effects of wind damage from hurricanes and storms.

  • Wind Mitigation inspections are done to minimize your risk of loss or damage in the event of a natural disaster.

  • When completing a wind mitigation inspection it could result in a major discount on your insurance premium. You could benefit in the long run by bringing us in for a preventive inspection.

Price Options:

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 Systems Such as :

  • Irrigation

  • Septic

  • Wells

  • Pool Heaters

  • Water Purification

  • Solar, Battery and Power Generating Systems

  • Non attached buildings, such as storage sheds, etc., unless requested.

Most insurance companies often require a 4 Point Inspection to be performed on homes older than 30 years. Some companies require them on younger homes. It is best to check with the insurance company you plan on using to see if a 4 Point Inspection will be required. You can get an insurance quote without the inspection, but you will need a completed 4 Point Inspection report in order to purchase the policy. Work with us and we will work directly with the insurance company for you.  

A  Four Point inspection covers the four most important systems of the home:

  • Roof: Type of covering, estimated age and condition, and any visible defects

  • Electrical System: Type of wiring, main panel brand, and overall condition and age of system

  • HVAC: Type of system, estimated age and condition, and any visible defects

  • Plumbing: Type of supply and drain lines, hot water heater brand and estimated age, and overall condition or evidence of leaks

Price Options:   

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